About Our Vitamin IVs and Process

The IV Center uses proprietary nutritional IV cocktails that are designed to boost your health and well being. Each one of our formulations is designed to address the particular needs of our clients. The IVs range from simple hydration, to high dose vitamin C IVs, B vitamin complexes, and so much more. IVs, when properly administered require a prescription by a medical doctor which lasts for 12 months. The IV is mixed and administered by a highly trained registered nurse. The prescription process is painless and can be done by filling out a short health questionnaire form after the checkout process (you only need to do this once per year). After you purchase the IV Formulation or Booster Shot that best suits your needs, you fill out the health questionnaire form (if you haven't previously), you select a day/time for your appointment, and then it's time to relax in our comfortable IV lounge and reap the benefits of optimum nutrition.

About Nutritional IV Therapy

Nutritional IVs have a wide following – from professional athletes looking to improve performance, to those dealing with seasonal allergies and sickness, as well as those undergoing significant medical treatments. IV users report a decrease in negative symptoms from a range of medical conditions and treatments, as well as an overall increase in well being. What makes the IV Center different is that instead of using pre-mixed formulas from a compounding pharmacy, our IVs are specially formulated by Dr. Lauren Loya for the purpose of addressing specific needs. Our supplements are sourced from U.S. based pharmacies that provide only the highest quality supplements. Our experience in nutritional IVs is unmatched.

The Benefits of IV Nutritional Therapy

Our nutritional IVs are formulated to fill nutritional gaps that can lead to medical conditions and lower performance. Users of our IVs report a significant increase in positive effects on their lives, and a significant reduction in negative symptoms. Patients report:

  • A reduction in chronic pain
  • Increased ability to deal with medication side effects
  • Higher athletic performance
  • A reduction in anxiety and depression symptoms
  • Higher energy levels
  • Fast recovery from a long night out!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the IVs?
The IV’s have vitamins and nutrients found naturally in the body or in the foods we eat every day. The only medications we use are Ondansetron (anti-nausea) and Toradol (migraine relief).
How long do the effects of the IV last?
Effects of one IV or Booster Shot can last about a week (or more), based on individual lifestyle. Continual infusion of vitamins and nutrients the body needs can have a longer residual effect on overall energy and wellbeing. Effects can also be extended through the oral use of supplements.
Are these IVs safe?
Safe enough to get every day (or the frequency in doctor's orders) if no risk factors are present. There is always the slight risk of infection because of the needle stick as stated on the consent form.
Why not just take vitamins and supplements?
When taking supplements or eating food, your body can only absorb a very limited amount of nutrients during digestion. When given through an IV drip, nutrients are more available to the body, and your body can absorb a much higher dosage with just one infusion. IVs are also great for people with nutrient absorption issues like genetic methylation disorder.
Does it hurt?
IVs shouldn’t hurt at all after the initial pinch. Once the needle is used to access the vein, it is discarded. The IV catheter is a small plastic tube left in the vein for IV fluids to travel through.
Do I need to complete the questionnaire prior to getting an IV?
Yes. The health history is reviewed by a medical professional and an order is written for the nurse to administer IV fluids. Complete the questionnaire online to avoid a wait at the center.
How do I know which IV I should get?
Review of the health history questionnaire results in a provider order for all of our IVs and Booster Shots, with any exceptions noted. The RN follows the order and you choose the IV that best fits your lifestyle, energy level, and well being. For example, it is perfectly fine to get iEnergize at the beginning of a busy week and the next week get iRelax or iRevitalize.
Can I get an evening or weekend appointment?
We encourage anyone to email or call us to check for a more convenient day/time to schedule an IV. We are happy to add more days and hours based on feedback.


The IV Was Amazing!

The IV was amazing. I got the IRecover. A long Friday night out with friends was not ideal for a productive Saturday. That was until I got the IRecover IV. I felt completely rejuvenated. I got all my energy and then some back. I highly recommend this for anyone going on a weekend with cocktails getaway.

Kristen Klages

A Significant Difference in My Mobility and Energy

Had the iEnergize with addition of glutathione a week ago and have noticed a significant difference in my mobility and energy levels. The staff was great and explained everything to me and it was a very relaxing, comfortable environment. I highly recommend the Aspinwall IV Center!

Kristen Fowler

IVs Gave Me My Life Back

IV's have saved my life! They have helped me with energy issues and over all pain. The IV Center is a great place to relax and get recharged. Thanks for giving me my life back!

Brian Bohrer

Sick and Tired No More

I used to get the flu shot and would still get sick.  I've been getting IVs all winter and I think this is the first winter in 55 years I haven't got sick.  I feel great and this is my new flu shot!

Lorne Goldenberg